Yamaichi Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

19 Tai Seng Avenue
Singapore 534054

T : +65-6297-8312
E : sales@yamaichi.com.sg

About Company


Yamaichi Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd (YES) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaichi Electronics Company, Ltd (YEC). YES is located in Singapore and serves as a Regional Sales Office representing Yamaichi products in South-East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Yamaichi’s parent corporation, YEC,
has eight other subsidiaries located in:
  • China (YEZ)
  • England (YGB)
  • Germany (YED)
  • Hong Kong (YEH)
  • Italy (YEI)
  • Korea (AYE)
  • Taiwan (TYE)
  • North America (YEU)


Yamaichi Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd (YES) was incorporated as a business corporation on August 8, 1987. By continuing to supply Yamaichi range of high quality and reliable components, we are proud to make major contributions to the development of the industries that are fulfilling today’s wide-ranging information technology requirements.


Yamaichi will continuously strive to meet the needs of its customers worldwide for total value by
offering a unique package of location, price, service and assortment.